The Solstice Experience

With two residential treatment centers, Solstice offers a healing and therapeutic experience for young women from around the United States.

Solstice RTC, also referred to as Solstice West, is located just outside Salt Lake City.  Solstice East is minutes from Asheville in western North Carolina.

Student and Staff Experiences at Solstice

Erica, a former student from Solstice RTC, commented, “A really important thing about being at Solstice was having the space.  I was given a pause to decide what I really wanted out of life, to think about the way I wanted to go about things. I learned to ask myself three important questions. ‘Is my heart at peace, am I going to grow from this experience, and will it help me expand my comfort zone?’ Those questions still help me make good decisions about how I live my life today.”

Years after leaving Solstice, Erica is still doing well.

Read more about Erica’s Solstice experience on the website >>.

One of the ways Solstice RTC and Solstice East makes a difference is by seeking the best, brightest, and most passionate staff who strive to make a difference in the lives of our students and their families. Solstice prides itself on working hard to find qualified, caring staff passionate about creating a positive, healing work environment.

Katie, equine therapy specialist at Solstice East, reflected on her experience working at Solstice, “Parents can be assured that the entire staff at Solstice will always have the best interests of their child as their primary focus. They can know that their child will always be safe and well cared for.”

The Solstice Experience

Read a story Katie shared about a former’s student’s journey on the Solstice East website >>.

The Solstice approach specializes in helping young women who have experienced trauma, loss, and other emotional struggles. Visit or for additional information about how Solstice helps young women, recover, heal, and grow.


Solstice RTC now has a sister(brother) program in Western North Carolina Equinox RTC Click here to learn more>>

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