Underlying issues

/un.der.ly.ing/ /is.sue/

Underlying issues are psychological problems, usually hidden or unknown to others, that affect an individual negatively. Underlying issues are hidden under many layers of emotions and other mental processes, which makes them not easily perceived by a casual onlooker. Sometimes they are not even known by the individual themselves. Underlying issues are generally the starting point behind an individual’s out of control and negative behaviors.

In regards to troubled adolescents, most underlying issues are the culprit for out of control, negative behaviors. Troubled teens who negatively act out are usually struggling with hidden, underlying issues. Most of these teens are not capable of navigating through these complex issues alone, which causes them to lash out, and display negative behaviors, such as dropping out of school, fighting, self mutilation, self-medicating, or experimenting with harmful substances.

Because underlying issues are hidden under other emotions it makes issues hard to diagnose, and, therefore, also very difficult to treat without proper help. Because of the difficulty in treating underlying issues, it is direly important for the individual to seek professional therapeutic care. Without the proper therapeutic care, an individual’s underlying issues can and will consume them and everything in their lives.

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