Troubled girl

A troubled girl is an adolescent female that displays out of control and negative behaviors. Usually there are detrimental ongoing issues within troubled girls, which is the reason why they display these negative, uncontrollable behaviors.

Most of the time, troubled girls that display these behaviors suffer from a psychological disorder. These adolescent girls are known to suffer from a combination of a few ailments such as: ADHD, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, anger management issues or anxiety disorder. Troubled teens have a difficult time directing through their racing emotions. Troubled teens lash out and display self-destructive behaviors, uncontrollable when a psychological disorder is added to their already fragile mindset.

Troubled girls, who cannot properly control their emotions, or suffer from psychological disorders, will usually self-medicate, or inflict harm upon themselves and others. These teens will sometimes choose to hurt themselves, self-mutilate, or turn to drugs and alcohol in order to run away from their own reality. Moreover, it is crucial for parents of a troubled girl to seek psychological and therapeutic treatment for their troubled girl.

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