Trails Carolina Wilderness Therapy

At Trails they use their decades of experience to serve families who want to address the problematic behaviors of their teens and, as a result, create lasting change in the way their family interacts.Trails was founded on the belief that traditional wilderness therapy could better serve the long-term needs of students and their families. They combine the power of the wilderness experience with a residential base camp in order to teach, reinforce, and practice real-life skills. Trails also involves the family every step of the way.

As students face the challenges of the wilderness program their perspective begins to change and behaviors quickly follow.  This helps build self-confidence and increases self-awareness as their therapeutic, wilderness, residential, and academic teams help daily experiences become teachable moments.Between expeditions, students reside at their base camp where they apply their wilderness lessons to different people and places.  This ability to transfer their skills and experiences to new situations helps students develop practical, real-life skills.


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