The Academy at Trails

The Academy at Trails Carolina is a therapeutic boarding school nestled in the heart of Western Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains. Situated on over 500 acres, their intentionally small population of 16-22 students allows for a highly individualized program. A nurturing community bolsters each student’s capacity to cultivate his strengths, prepare for the challenges ahead and, ultimately, realize his potential.

The integration of clinical, academic, and student life activities is central to their success. Therapists deliver clinically sophisticated services to both students and families in an environment that feels more personal than institutional. The classroom offers engaging, creative academics and small class sizes where students are empowered to become  self-directed and motivated learners.

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The team behind Your Little Professor is dedicated to providing factual information for parents and caretakers of adolescents on the Autism Spectrum Disorder. We believe in connecting families to the necessary resources in order to help individuals on the spectrum succeed in day-to-day life.