Suicidal ideation

/ /id.e.a.tion/ 


Is when an individual is abnormally engrossed with suicide, otherwise known as suicidal thoughts. A person’s suicidal ideation severity varies considerably. The spectrum of suicidal ideation ranges from short period thoughts that usually progresses into deep thoughts that can turn into planning and even acting out the plan (e.g., standing on a chair with a noose). A person may even partially attempt suicide, in an effort to build up the motivation to eventually follow through with the act itself. Whether a person, who tries and fails actually does kill themselves, does so for personal intent or attention.

The majority of troubled teens, who suffer from suicide ideation, normally do not kill themselves. However, if it is left untreated, suicide ideation can be very dangerous. If they have these thoughts then they are a high risk for actually committing to the act of suicide.

Troubled adolescents, who suffer from suicidal ideation, are usually the most severely depressed individuals. With proper therapeutic treatment, a troubled adolescent that suffers from suicidal thoughts are known to overcome their harmful and deadly mindsets.

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