Residential Treatment Center

A residential treatment center (RTC), is an inpatient health care program providing therapy for mental illness, substance abuse, or other behavioral issues that can not be treated through  typical therapy methods. Residential treatment might be considered the last option in the approach to assisting with an abnormal psychology or psychopathology.

RTCs for adolescents provide the proper treatment for issues and disorders such as oppositional defiant disorder, educational issues, phase-of-life issues, depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, bipolar disorder, conduct disorder, some personality disorders,as well as drug and alcohol abuse. Some utilize a community with a positive peer-culture model. Specialist programs are usually smaller (less than 100 people and as few as 10 or 12). Specialist programs typically are not as focused on behavior modification as generalist programs, but focus on emotional and psychological therapy. Generalist programs are usuallysignificantly large (80-plus clients and up to about 250) and are mostly level-based in their treatment approach. In order to manage individuals’ behavioral issues, they frequently put systems of rewards and punishments in place.

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