Milieu Therapy


Milieu Therapy is the therapeutic use of a planned treatment environment in which daily activities and interactions are designed specifically to improve the confidence levels and social skills of children or adolescents.

Milieu means “life space”, so in milieu therapy creating a safe, comfortable living environment is essential for success. Within milieu therapy, academics are a crucial part of the daily going-ons of the student’s lives.

Academics within milieu therapy take into account the specific interests and learning styles of individuals. The therapy is planned in a constantly supportive way, which reinforces and encourages the learning of life skills, like problem solving and coping mechanisms.

A primary goal of milieu therapy is to teach adolescents how to better fit into social environments without completely changing who they are as individuals. They develop and nurture new skills that assist them in better understanding themselves and their relationships. The milieu is a flexible environment that incorporates daily routines, predictable rules and activities in order to help teens become their best selves.

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