Impulse control


The ability by which a person can control the desire for anything or immediate gratification for something. Impulse control may very well be one of the most important indicators of a person’s ability to make large numbers of friends, their school performance and future employment.

Those who have discipline issues usually tend to have a lower impulse control. With a lack of discipline, adolescents are more likely to choose instant gratification, even if it is harmful to do so. Therefore, if a young man or woman has low impulse control, it is extremely important that they work on building good discipline habits, or they could end up putting themselves into a bad situation with no one to help.

For young men and women who have let their impulse control affect or even devastate their personal lives, there is still hope. There are therapeutic treatment programs such as residential treatment centers or independent living that can address some of the disciplinary problem areas and can provide young men and women with the appropriate steps they will need to overcome them.

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