Wilderness Programs

Noun Wilderness programs are any therapeutic or recreational program offering activities in a wilderness environment. These programs could be something like Outward Bound or more therapeutic, such as wilderness therapy. Wilderness programs utilize the outdoors as a tool to help clients have some sort of beneficial experience. This may be through a healing process, or just for the sake of...[ read more ]

Wilderness Therapy

Noun Wilderness therapy offers a highly therapeutic intervention for struggling individuals, primarily children, adolescents, and young adults. This type of therapy differs from the traditional in that the student is given a greater opportunity for continuous self-focus through more natural settings. In a classic therapeutic approach, one would meet with his/her therapist a few times a week and then be...[ read more ]

Wilderness Therapy Programs

Noun Wilderness therapy programs offer therapeutic solutions to individuals struggling with behavioral and mental health struggles. The programs often offer a multidisciplinary approach to therapy, integrating wilderness therapy with traditional therapeutic techniques. Wilderness therapy programs utilize the wilderness as a therapeutic tool. Once individuals are removed from the hectic surroundings of daily life, they are more able to focus on...[ read more ]

Wilderness Treatment Center

Noun A wilderness treatment center offers therapeutic assistance to individuals struggling with emotional or behavioral health issues. At a wilderness treatment center, wilderness therapy is utilized to help individuals cope with their struggles and find success. Often, a wilderness treatment center will offer expeditions that involve backpacking, mountaineering, and other physical activities. This form of treatment allows individuals to form...[ read more ]

Wingate Wilderness Therapy

Wingate was founded by a team of experienced wilderness therapists and treatment- industry leaders who were dissatisfied with the wilderness therapy options available to teens and young adults. They are unified in their conviction that all people must feel respected, valued, safe, and in control of the changes they make for those changes to last. They must transform from the...[ read more ]