School Refusal

School Refusal The refusal to attend school due to emotional or psychological distress. School refusal differs from truancy (skipping class) in that adolescents with school refusal feel fear or anxiety towards attending school. Truant children on the other hand generally do not have any abnormal feelings of fear towards school, they often feeling bored or angry with it instead. Approximately...[ read more ]

Self Harm

Self Harm noun Self harm in teens happens when an individual intentionally injures or damages their body as a means of coping or expressing great emotional distress. Oftentimes, the intention of self harm is as a punishment, or a way to relieve some sort of unbearable tension. Self harm is most commonly associated with the intentional cutting, puncturing or carving of...[ read more ]

Solstice East

Is a groundbreaking treatment facility for troubled adolescent girls that emphasizes the mind-body connection in our unique approach to holistic healthcare.Solstice East is a clinically sophisticated residential treatment center for girls between the ages of 14 and 18 and is currently engaged in the CARF accreditation process. With a strong emphasis on family therapy based intervention, nutrition and physical fitness,...[ read more ]

Solstice RTC

With a strong emphasis on family therapy based intervention, nutrition and physical fitness, and the supportive provisions of cutting edge academics, substance abuse/addiction therapy, equine therapy, and psychiatric services, Solstice sets the stage for the infusion of light into the previously darkened lives of the families we serve. Utilizing the archetypal Hero’s Journey as a guide, we help our students...[ read more ]

Stressful Environments

n.noun Is an environment that is safe and controlled with no possible hazards to its inhabitants. Unlike the world we all live in, a secure environment is fully controlled. There is a set schedule for those that live in a secured environment. Individuals wake up, eat and go to sleep at certain times. Generally, a secured environment will also enforce...[ read more ]

Summer Camp

Is a supervised program for teenagers or children conducted during the summer months. Traditional summer camps are known to be in a woody environment with canoeing, rafting, hiking, and campfires but it is evolving, with a greater acceptance of modern summer camps that usually offer a wide variety of specialized activities. For example, there are camps for the performing arts,...[ read more ]