Reactive Attachment Disorder

n. noun Reactive attachment disorder (RAD) is a condition in which an infant does not establish an emotional or healthy relationship or attachment to that individual's parents or family members. An individual who suffers from RAD but does not attend any therapeutic treatment usually carries their disorder throughout their entire lives. An individual, who suffers from reactive attachment disorder, has...[ read more ]

Residential Mental Health Facilities

Noun Residential mental health facilities offer inpatient treatment solutions to teens struggling with emotional and behavioral difficulties. Many residential treatment facilities offer 24/7 supervision and care, as well as top notch campuses. Some residential treatment facilities will have psychiatrists and other experienced mental health professionals on staff regularly to help teen work through underlying mental health struggles. For more information...[ read more ]

Residential Treatment Center

A residential treatment center (RTC), is an inpatient health care program providing therapy for mental illness, substance abuse, or other behavioral issues that can not be treated through  typical therapy methods. Residential treatment might be considered the last option in the approach to assisting with an abnormal psychology or psychopathology. RTCs for adolescents provide the proper treatment for issues and disorders such...[ read more ]

Residential Treatment Centers for Depression

A residential treatment center (abbreviated as RTC), is a live-in health care facility providing therapy for substance abuse, mental illness, or other behavioral problems. Some residential treatment centers focus on depression which is often caused by trauma. This creates a category of residential treatment centers for depression. Some examples of residential treatment centers include: and

Residential Treatment Centers for Teens

Noun Residential treatment centers for teens offer inpatient treatment for young people. Often, residential treatment centers for teens utilize a variety of therapeutic techniques to aid in the healing process of struggling teens. The treatments may range from cognitive behavioral therapy to equine therapy. Many times, residential treatment centers for teens personalize treatment plans for each individual student. They may...[ read more ]