Elevations RTC

When parents are in crisis with a troubled teen, Elevations Residential Treatment Center (RTC) can offer guidance, support, and relief. They help boys and girls from ages of 13-17 overcome challenges stemming from mental health problems, emotional disorders, learning disorders, substance abuse, and other underlying issues. From depression to addiction to bullying, Elevations RTC is a leading treatment center in...[ read more ]

Emotional Intelligence

Noun Emotional intelligence is when a person has the ability to identify and manage his/her emotions and the emotions of others. It is generally said to include 3 distinctive skills: 1. Emotional awareness is the ability to identify yours and others emotions just by observing 2. The ability to harness those emotions and apply them to day to day tasks...[ read more ]

Equine Therapy

noun. In equine therapy, horses are utilized in fostering emotional, behavioral and physical growth amongst patients. Equine therapy is used to treat anxiety, depression, ADHD and trauma, as well as many other mental health issues. Through equine therapy, patients learn communication skills, responsibility, and respect for their environment.