Day Treatment

Day treatment programs are designed to meet the needs of individuals with behavioral management problems relating to serious emotional disturbances. Day treatment is appropriate for students who were unable to find any success in an outpatient environment, but do not require the 24-hour care. Often, programs coordinate with an individual’s home, work, and/or school to allow the person to continue...[ read more ]


Noun The definition of defiance is someone or something that resists behaving or conforming to what is asked or expected. An individual that boldly resists authority or an opposing force, without care of outcomes or consequences.  


Noun Depression is a mood altering disorder that can randomly cause a persistent feeling of sadness and/or loss of interest. Major depressive disorder or clinical depression affects how a person feels, thinks, and behaves. It can lead to a variety of physical and/or psychological issues. A person with depression may have trouble doing normal day-to-day activities and  feel as if...[ read more ]

Depression Test for Teens

Noun A depression test for teens is an evaluation of a teen’s symptoms specifically geared towards those that might identify depression as a diagnosis. Often, these symptoms might include: academic difficulties, anger management struggles, problems with authority figures, substance abuse, and impulsivity. A depression test for teens can also help therapeutic professionals see co-morbid mental health struggles teens may have....[ read more ]

Destructive Behaviors

Noun Destructive Behaviors are negative behavioral patterns that a person displays that can negatively affect, and sometimes even destroy, the overall quality of a person's life. An individual who displays destructive behaviors generally does so because of ongoing issues that are affecting the individual's psychological balance. Destructive behaviors differ in severity and can range from drug and alcohol addiction to...[ read more ]


Noun Diagnosis is the recognition of the causes behind a certain issue or phenomenon. Diagnosis is used in many different scenarios with variations in the uses of logics, analytics, and experience to determine the "cause and effect" of certain situations. In systems engineering and computer science, it is generally used to determine the causes of mitigations, symptoms, and solutions.

Drug Abuse

Noun Drug abuse is defined as being, excessive, compulsive, and the self-damaging use of habit forming drugs or substances, that typically lead to addiction or dependence, psychological harm (such as dysfunctional behavior patterns, hallucinations, memory loss), and/or serious physiological injury (such as damage to kidneys, liver, heart) or even death. It is also known as substance abuse. Drug abuse and...[ read more ]

Drug Rehabilitation

Noun Drug rehabilitation, often referred to as rehab, is a treatment center that assists individuals that struggle with a variety of different chemical dependencies or drug addictions. People that struggle with addictions from substances, such as cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, alcohol, or prescription drugs, can find assistance or help that will guide them through their recovery at a drug rehabilitation program....[ read more ]