Asheville Academy for Girls

Asheville Academy is a therapeutic boarding school for girls based in Asheville, North Carolina. Built on a strong foundation to help troubled girls, they have become one of the best female academy programs in the US. At Asheville Academy’s therapeutic program, they want their girls and families to experience success and rediscover hope. Girls often come to this boarding school...[ read more ]

Asperger’s Syndrome

Noun The medical dictionary describes Asperger's syndrome as a developmental disorder related to autism. It is characterized by higher than average intellectual ability coupled with impaired social skills and restrictive, repetitive patterns of interest and activities. People who have Asperger’s syndrome usually have very few facial expressions, usually limited to anger and misery. Men and women who suffer from Asperger's...[ read more ]


Noun Assessment is the evaluation method to help with properly diagnosing or assigning an individual’s needs. Assessments are designed, administered, and scored in a standard or consistent manner. They will often use a multiple-choice format, though some include open-ended, short-answer questions to evaluate an individual’s strengths and weaknesses in an emotional, social, or educational manner.