Adolescent Behavioral Health

Noun It is normal for children and youth to experience various types of emotional distress as they develop and mature. For example, it is common for children to experience anxiety about school or to experience short periods of depression that are impermanent in nature. If symptoms persist, it may be time to seek professional assistance. While most youth are physically...[ read more ]

Adolescent Female

/Ad.o.les.cent/  Noun An adolescent female is between the ages of 12 to 18. Adolescence is the most crucial time of transitional change. An adolescent girl faces new challenges and changes that come along with maturity. This transitional phase can be a daunting time for a young girl, which may cause her to act out or display negative, rebellious behaviors. An...[ read more ]

Adolescent Psychiatric Treatments

Noun Adolescent psychiatric treatments are specialized therapies designed to treat young developing minds. Teenager’s process information much differently than adults, therefore, their psychiatric treatment needs to be designed specifically for their unique mindset. Moreover, it is imperative for parents of a psychologically troubled teen to search for an adolescent psychiatric professional who works exclusively with adolescents. There are many different...[ read more ]

Adolescent Therapy

Noun Adolescent Therapy often includes a therapeutic program that focuses specifically on the issues relating to the adolescent’s past. There are many different forms of therapy that can be used, including group and equine therapy. The point of all of these different forms of treatment is to provide everlasting help for the adolescent in terms of the issues they are...[ read more ]


/ad.o.les.cent/ Noun An adolescent is a person living in the transitional time of young adulthood. Adolescence is a transitional stage of psychological and physical development that generally occurs during the period between puberty to adulthood. Dealing with the obstacles and confusion that come with adolescence can prove to be a stressful and difficult time for some. Adolescents will sometimes display...[ read more ]