Failure to Launch


Failure to Launch can be defined as the inability, either from desire or lack of preparation, to leave a home setting and begin the journey toward independent life. Failure to launch syndrome is an unofficial name for a common problem seen among young adults.

Young adults who suffer from failure to launch syndrome may show the following characteristics: narcissism, low levels of motivation, low tolerance for distress, low levels of persistence, failure to take responsibility when appropriate, lack of skills needed for adulthood, lacks basic cooking and cleaning skills, high expectations of others without reciprocating, lack of vision for the future or long term goals.

The reasons for young adults failing to launch are countless and generally cannot be pinned on one factor. Reasons may include parenting issues such as being overbearing or overprotective, the nation’s weak economy, a failing or unsuccessful run at college or school, laziness, depression, serious anxiety, or chemical dependencies drug/pharmaceutical and or alcohol addiction.

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