Boot Camps for Troubled Teens


Boot camps for troubled teens are behavioral modification programs that are designed with the intentions of rehabilitating troubled adolescents. Despite its popularity, boot camps have been proven, as a whole, to be ineffective in promoting true, long-lasting changes in the behavioral patterns of troubled teens and can sometimes result in a child returning even worse than before. Boot camps for troubled teens have become a popular choice for parents who desperately need or want assistance in treating their child’s harmful, out of control behaviors.

Boot camps for troubled teens were incorporated back in the 1960’s. Since then, boot camps have become an ever increasing treatment option that has been utilized by parents of troubled adolescents. Boot camps believe in negative reinforcement in order to ‘break’ the teen’s negative behaviors. This approach is considered, by most psychological professionals, to be ineffective in promoting permanent change in troubled teen’s negative behaviors and self-defeating mindsets. Furthermore, parents would be better off choosing an alternative to boot camps for troubled teens.

Residential treatment centers have been proven and tested when pertaining to the treatment of troubled adolescents and have countless success stories as proof. Parents who are considering choosing a boot camp for their child’s treatment should be inclined to choose a treatment option, such as residential treatment, instead.

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