Asheville Academy for Girls

Asheville Academy is a therapeutic boarding school for girls based in Asheville, North Carolina. Built on a strong foundation to help troubled girls, they have become one of the best female academy programs in the US.

At Asheville Academy’s therapeutic program, they want their girls and families to experience success and rediscover hope. Girls often come to this boarding school with emotional and behavioral issues, academic difficulties, and low self-esteem. The therapeutic program focuses on collaborating with the entire family unit to heal and strengthen these damaged relationships.

Due to the wide range of issues that they treat at Asheville Academy, they utilize a multidisciplinary approach. This approach is designed to facilitate change and create an opportunity for young girls to discover their internal beauty once again. They tailor each girl’s journey in their therapeutic program to her individual needs and understand the importance of the family being an active part of their daughter’s transformation.

Through hard work and a commitment to the process of healing, the student and their loved ones are able to mend their relationship and find hope once again. They are truly a therapeutic program looking to create real change in the lives of their girls and families.

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