Adolescent Female



An adolescent female is between the ages of 12 to 18. Adolescence is the most crucial time of transitional change. An adolescent girl faces new challenges and changes that come along with maturity. This transitional phase can be a daunting time for a young girl, which may cause her to act out or display negative, rebellious behaviors. An adolescent girl such as this is referred to as a troubled adolescent.

Adolescent females are going through a turbulent and overwhelming portion of their lives. While peer pressure will always be an issue an individual faces throughout their lifetime, it is especially influential during the time of adolescence.

A teenage girl’s personal image is often everything to them. Because of this, teenage girls are susceptible to participating in negative activities and behaviors if they have the chance of boosting their social status among their peers. If this type of behavior escalates out of control, an adolescent female`s life can slip into a chaotic and self-destructive mayhem of behaviors.

For parents of a troubled adolescent girl, there is help available. Treatment options, such as residential treatment centers can offer therapeutic restoration for their child.

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