The process of becoming either mentally or physically (sometimes both) dependent on an intoxicating substance. The use of many different substances can potentially result in addiction, but some have a much higher risk of this result. Some of the most common addictions include alcohol, tobacco, opiates, and prescription drugs.

The National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA) defines Addiction as the continued use of a mood or behavior altering substance despite a neurological impairment or an adverse dependency consequences leading to such behaviors.

Since addiction often involves a physical dependency on a substance, it is important to have the right professional help when looking to overcome this kind of issue. There is a large variety of professional treatment programs that focus on helping people with dealing with their personal addiction. These programs focus both on overcoming the initial addiction and dealing with the problems that initially led to addiction. Those struggling with an addiction often experience much more success when they are able to work with a professional program. It helps people develop with the guidance and support they desperately need to make the fundamental changes to their life and overcome their substance abuse.

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