Why a Parent Sends a Child Away to an Inpatient Program

Sending a child away to a residential, wilderness, or assessment program can have powerful benefits for the child and the family. This may not be an easy choice, but it does have advantages.

Using Distance as a Therapeutic Tool

Utilizing distance as a therapeutic tool has these advantages:

  • Ensures the immediate safety of the child and family at home.
  • Removes the immediacy of communication- “knee jerk” responses to anger or frustration are eliminated while the child can learn new, healthy ways to deal with their emotions.
  • Removes child’s current stressors, peer group, and temptations.
  • Serves as a total reset for the family. Communication can resume slowly.
  • Ensures the child is focused on the therapy and interactions of the distant facility. Removing the temptation to get their friends to “rescue” them from local treatment.
  • Improves accuracy of assessment– outpatient treatment relies on the child accurately recounting events, feelings, and behaviors sometimes days after. At inpatient program assessment is in real-time.
  • Ensures the confidentiality of the child.  At a local facility, the child will likely encounter peers or even form relationships with individuals that could potentially continue after treatment.

Making the Decision

We encourage families to consider a Balance Sheet of pros and cons to weigh the decision to send their child to an inpatient program.


  • Does the cost for changes and a new direction now outweigh waiting and hoping for maturity and changes with time?
  • Have efforts already made show great or limited success?  What can change without a significant intervention?
  • Are things better today than a few months or years ago?
  • How likely is it that things get worse?
  • How long might changes take at home and what kind of time and financial investment is required?



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