Elevations RTC

A letter from a new program, Elevations RTC:

As of May 1, 2014, we are pleased to announce the opening of Elevations RTC, a new residential treatment center for young men and women ages 13-17.

Elevations RTC will be owned and operated by the Management Team including Jenn Wilde and Judith Jacques. The new program is supported by Family Help & Wellness, which offers the Elevations team financial support and operational insight.

Elevations RTC is located on the campus of the former company, Island View RTC. The two programs are not affiliated and have different practices and management.

Judith Jacques commented on the opening, “While I used to work for Island View and we did some tremendous things, I am thrilled to help lead this new program,  Elevations RTC. To be a part of new ownership and a fresh team while being able to help construct the foundations of a new program is beyond exciting. I believe in the team that is coming together and what Elevations RTC will be offering to families. Elevations RTC will be a program that is here to stay.”

The goal is to bring teens and families together in a program designed to help employ adventure therapy, residential treatment, and improved transition services to make lasting changes. Elevations is a good first stop for families in need, they work with people from all across the country and have international students as well. Attached to an accredited school gives their students the ability to continue school and in most cases can get ahead in high school credits. Adventure programming takes advantage of the diverse landscape of the Wasatch range, from skiing in the winter to paddle boarding in the summer they are a highly active program.

For more information about the new programs, Elevations, located in Syracuse, UT, please visit ElevationsRTC.com or contact us directly at 1-855-290-9681.


Elevations RTC

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